After 4 years, Grafiche Milani’s Komori Lithrone is still new, thanks to Finito dress All news

Grafiche Milani is a company with a long story, 111 years made of expertise and dedication to the art or printing.
Milani’s most recent productions, which includes books, catalogs and refined finishings and bookbinding products, has increasingly focused throughout the years, to ensure excellence in quality: from the research of contemporary materials to the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques, to a leading-edge organization for worldwide delivery.

In 2012 Milani was one of the first print service providers to adopt Finito dress from Printgraph. Finito dress is a patented nanotechnology ink repellent film. It is characterized by a surface that shows high rejection of all kind of inks, overprint varnishes or adhesives used in the publication and advertising industry, in the packaging and converting sector and in visual communication, and which can be easily removed by the most common detergents.

Finito dress has been protecting for 4 years Milani’s Komori Lithrone G40 P. The film has been recently removed and the printing machine is still new with brilliant shell, as just delivered.

Finito dress, thanks to its special finishing, shows excellent characteristics of scratch and rub resistance to make unchanged the aesthetic aspect of the printing machine, either offset or web offset, flexo, gravure, silk screen or digital printing.

Download Finito dress brochure