Bagel Roto-Offset’s LITHOMAN S 96-Pages wears Printgraph Finito dress All news

lithoman_s_96pagesHaving a clean printing press inside and outside is paramount to keep a high level of quality, and to impress those who visit and work in a press room. Inks, varnishes and glues used in the graphic and packaging industry are difficult to be cleaned out; solvents and detergents can damage and bleach plastic or metal covers. Just after few months the machine can lose its value.

This is in summary Bagel Roto-Offset’s requirement: a way to preserve its brand new manroland web system 96-page LITHOMAN recently installed.

Printgraph has supported Bagel’s requirements providing a robust solution able to protect from scratch and rub to leave unchanged the aesthetic properties of the printing machine: Finito dress.

Finito dress is an innovative product, based on a special self-adhesive transparent film especially studied for protection from ink or glue stain and from printing presses spoiling, either offset or web offset, flexo, gravure, silk screen or digital printing.

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