Dyna Kure Effect BC 1924 All news

dyna-kureDyna® Kure Effect BC 1924 is the ideal offset basecoat. It’s designed to achieve special effects like glossy and matt surfaces at the same time.

Applied over regular printing it allows matt/textured surfaces when overprinted with Dyna Kure Effect 1114-50, Dyna Kure Effect 1124-50 BF or Dyna Kure Effect 1134-50 LM; which remains very glossy when applied directly on the inks.

Dyna Kure Effect BC 1924 BF has been formulated to achieve a very low odor of the coating without the use of benzophenone and none of its derivatives and complies with the Nestlé Guidelines. Dyna Kure Effect BC 1924 BF shows a very good printability and a high stability with different fount solution systems. This product shows a very high curing speed.

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