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schermata-2016-09-29-alle-11-48-39DynaCol AC350 is a high quality corrosion inhibited fountain solution concentrate for use on fast heatset web presses.

DynaCol AC350 is designed to make the use of IPA redundant. In most cases a 0-5% dosage of isopropyl alcohol will be sufficient for alcohol dampening systems.

The chosen components prevent ink feedback on the dampening rollers and ensure faster and cleaner start-ups. Highly recommended when ink feed back on dampening rollers is a problem, kaolin contamination causes problems calcium deposit and when the ink/water balance is unstable.

Features and Benefits

  • Immediate high density copies by optimal ink transfer
  • Reduces kaolin contaminations
  • Extreme stable ink/water balance
  • No ink feedback on the dampening rollers
  • Considerable reduction of ink- or paper piling on the blanket
  • Fully controlled water uptake by the ink
  • Faster and cleaner start-ups
  • Contains more active plate preservers
  • Contains effective corrosion-inhibitors

Download the technical datasheet