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A fountain solution carefully chosen for the press and the printing jobs is the prerequisite for high-quality printing. This makes the work for the press operators easier, the result is a satisfied customer that receives a high quality printed product. The choice of the right fountain solution plays a key role in heatset web offset printing.

Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG DruckMedien was therefore looking for a way to maximize the productivity of the most recently installed printing presses, a 48-page C48 and a 16-page C16 from KBA, while at the same time maintaining the highest print quality.

With Dyna Col AC330LC, PCO Europe B.V. supplies in every respect a premium high-end fountain solution. Dyna Col AC330LC is formulated with Low Calcium technology, working very sensitively against all materials such as paper and ink. The effect of this is no triggering of hardness forming agents and thus no calcium deposits on blankets and rollers. In addition, the dampening solution circuit remains free from contamination of paper and ink. A 3% economical standard dosage ensures high-quality IPA-free printing.

“Our two heatset printing presses, the C16 and C 48, have been producing with the Dyna Col AC330LC from PCO Europe B.V.. Despite the variety of papers that are processed every day, we can work optimally on both presses with one fount. Even with small print jobs and associated frequent machine start-ups, this is fast and optimal in color. In the case of large print runs, we enjoy the advantage of very long wash intervals, as the build-up on the blankets is minimal. All in all, we can say to have with Dyna Col AC330LC the best fountain solution for our production.”

Martin Sellmann, Technical Director, L.N. Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG DruckMedien

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